Xiaomi Launches a Portable Ironing Machine for Cheap

In its attempts to launch a litany of products that will provide as a basis of Xiaomi’s IoT ecosystem, the Chinese tech giant is launching its first ironing device.

The minimalistic handheld device is being launched under the Mijia brand and will be available in white only.


micro-supercharging technology

This mini steam iron comes with a detachable water tank and is constructed using Aluminum die casting for top-notch thermal conductivity. It is designed to provide steam at 120 degrees centigrade for crisp ironing, 99.9 percent sterilization, and mite removal.

Internally, the device is powered by micro-supercharging technology that can emit 20kPa of 120°C steam within 30 seconds. As far as the power rating is concerned, the Mijia handheld steam iron stands at 1200W.

tech giant


The 160 ml removable water tank added allows the device to iron six shirts in one go. Additionally, without water in the water tanks, the product weighs only 790 grams, which makes it ideal for people who tend to travel a lot. Xiaomi claims that the Mijia handheld iron is the perfect replacement for an electric iron and floor mounting iron machine as it can provide both wet and dry ironing.

The device will be available for sale in China later today at a $14 price tag.

Source: Mydrivers

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