FBR Suspends Sales Tax Registration

FBR Orders Retailers/Restaurants to Show Sales Tax and Prices Separately

The Federal Board of Revenue has made it compulsory for all registered retailers to show the price and tax of items separately.

In order to avoid sales tax evasion, all restaurants, bakeries, caterers, and sweetmeat shops supplying prepared food, foodstuff and sweetmeats will now be required to show prices and amount of tax separately on the menu cards or menu board displayed in their outlets for the consumers.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) amended Sales Tax Rules 2006 through an SRO 353 (1)12020.

It is also mandatory for all the retailers to show prices and amount of tax separately on the price tags attached with finished fabric and locally-manufactured finished articles of textile and textile made-ups and leather and artificial leather.

The decision came in when retailers selling fabrics in the local markets had started charging sales tax at the rate of 17% on retail price from consumers without mentioning the same on the price tag.

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