Google Authenticator Now Comes in a New Skin & Loads of Features

Google authenticator, the tech giant’s code-based authentication app, has undergone its first facelift since 22nd August 2017. The application now comes with the much-needed adaptation to newer phone aspect ratios, which makes it look a lot less 2017-ish.

Besides all the changes in the UI, version 5.1 comes with a feature that lets users transfer accounts between devices. This will be done using the new export/import tool that moves accounts from one device to another using a QR code, much like what users see while logging into WhatsApp web.

Previously, If users wanted to move app credentials to another device, they would have to go through the messy process of using Google account’s backend or manually transferring each code (disable and reenable two-factor authentication (2FA) on each account).

As far as the UI is concerned, the application now comes with a true-black dark theme and does not allow on-device captures. The UI has been revamped according to Google’s Material Design 2 standards.

Nevertheless, Google was pretty slow in providing these features. Competitor authentication applications have been providing easy device to device transfer, dark mode and aspect ratio compliance for years.

The update is only available for Android users as of now. The company has not confirmed the availability of Google Authenticator 5.1 for iOS users.

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