Religious Aspect is Very Prominent in Pakistan Team: Mickey Arthur

Former Pakistan head coach, Mickey Arthur, has said that there is a huge difference in coaching Asian teams as compared to Australia and South Africa.

The current head coach of Sri Lanka has revealed in an interview that coaching Pakistan was different because of the religious aspect around the team. Junior cricketers respect their seniors and don’t challenge them as a sign of respect.

There are so many cultural differences. The one key aspect of coaching Pakistan was understanding the religious aspect around it, which is very prominent. It’s understanding the respect level that the young Pakistan players have for the senior players. It’s there in India too. There is real respect.

Talking about the cultural differences, Arthur said that he didn’t like an environment where players didn’t have a difference of opinion or challenged each other. It’s prevalent in Australia and South Africa because it helps in taking the team forward.

I like an environment where players challenge each other and talk about games and have differences of opinion, that’s when you start moving the team forward.

“Because of the respect level and the different cultures, I find in the sub-continent that no younger players will challenge a senior player. It’s really good and very respectful. But, in other way, to move the team forward, you need to be able to have those conversations as a group”, he further added.


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Arthur rued the lack of proper structure in Pakistan cricket, saying the management staff had to put in the hard yards to keep an eye on the lower levels as well. Giving cricket a bit of structure was important to attain sustainable success over time.

The highlight of Mickey Arthur’s career with Pakistan was the Champions Trophy triumph in 2017 and the number 1 T20I ranking for quite a long period.

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