Most-watched shows on Netflix in April: Two series top ‘Tiger King’

  • While everyone was hunkered down at home during April because of coronavirus quarantines, we all continued to binge the heck out of Netflix and sent a growing amount of traffic to the streamer.
  • Here’s a look at the most-watched shows on Netflix for the month of April, including Tiger King near the top of the list (but beat out by two fantastic Netflix original series).
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I think it’s safe to say many peoples’ experience of life during the coronavirus pandemic would be a lot different were it not for the entertainment escape valve provided by Netflix. Myself, I’ve caught up on a number of shows I’ve had on my list for a while now, like The Good Place, and I’ve discovered others that have provided some welcome moments of enjoyment and relaxation, like the excellent Korean drama Crash Landing on You.

And I know I’m certainly not alone. You can check out some previous reporting we’ve done revealing some of the top shows people have started streaming for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic, shows like Ozark, Tiger King, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. Meantime, the team at streaming search engine service Reelgood regularly provides BGR with a look at the hottest shows on Netflix and other streaming services both on a weekly and monthly basis, data that’s based on the streaming activity of Reelgood’s more than 4 million users. Below, we’ll lay out the most-watched shows on Netflix for April — is your favorite on the list?

Tiger King, Netflix’s absolutely bonkers docu-series about a colorful exotic animal breeder jailed on a murder-for-hire charge, seems to finally be slipping down the popularity rankings a little bit since its release in mid-March ahead of becoming a huge force in pop culture. Indeed, there’s even talk of a movie adaptation of the documentary coming to Netflix, which would reportedly be written and directed by Ryan Murphy presumably as a continuation of his existing pact with the streamer.

However, based on the data from Reelgood users, there were two other shows, both of them Netflix originals, that people seem to have preferred during the month of April when we were still hunkering down at home because of coronavirus quarantines. The #1 and #2 series for the month were Ozark and Money Heist, respectively.

Both series debuted new seasons around roughly the same time — Season 3 for Ozark hit Netflix at the end of March, while Season 4 of Money Heist debuted on the streamer during the first week of April. I haven’t checked out Money Heist yet, but to say this is a popular series is a gross understatement. Because, according to Netflix, this is the service’s most-watched non-English series to-date, with some 44 million households watching the third season by the end of April. As far as Ozark goes, I’ve watched it since the beginning, and I think this new season may be its best yet — the Byrdes and associated characters continue to be insanely compelling, and the final shot of the last episode this season will blow your mind.

Here, meanwhile, is the full rundown of the most-watched shows on Netflix during April, according to Reelgood:

  1. Ozark
  2. Money Heist
  3. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness
  4. Better Call Saul
  5. Unorthodox
  6. Feel Good
  7. Breaking Bad
  8. Community
  9. Stranger Things
  10. Schitt’s Creek

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