Facebook Restores Verification Badge on Imran Khan’s Page, No Update on Shahid Afridi

Facebook has restored the verification badge (blue tick) on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s account that was removed over the weekend.

The social networking giant had removed the verification badge from Imran Khan’s account for having the word “official” in the user name.



According to PTI Official social media chief, M Kamran, Facebook has an official policy that does not allow a blue tick on a page with the word “official” on it.

Facebook restored the verification badge of PM Imran Khan’s page within hours after PTI Official social media removed the word “official” from it.

Imran Khan

M Kamran

As per Facebook’s rules, a page should no longer use the word “official” in the page name once Facebook assigns it a verification badge.

Facebook has also removed the verification badge from the page of former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi for having the word “official” in it. Though Afridi has removed the word “official” from his page, Facebook is yet to restore the page’s verification badge.

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