A Statistician’s Thread on Interesting Stats & Records From 2019 World Cup

Cricket statisticians make the game even more interesting by sharing statistics and numbers that keep everyone hooked to the gentleman’s game.

The 2019 World Cup was a true spectacle with its highs and lows making for great viewing. The mega event broke quite a few records in terms of people watching the masterpiece event mainly because the tournament had everything.

It ended in a bitter-sweet way as two evenly-matched teams battled it out at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground. England were declared the winners of the biggest cricketing event for the first time ever after a drama that everyone would remember for the rest of their lives. It was the first-ever Super Over in the history of ODI cricket and it also ended in a tie as England won the trophy by the ‘barest of all margins’ on boundary count.


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Renowned cricket statistician, Mazher Arshad, has shared a Twitter thread on the Cricket World Cup, giving every cricket lover a trip down memory lane.

The thread includes stats and facts from all the 48 matches including the two semi-finals and the final. From here on, the post will do all the talking. So here it goes:

Match 1 & 2

Match 3 & 4

Match 5 & 6

Match 7 & 8

Match 9 & 10 

Match 11, 12 & 13

Match 14, 15 & 16

Match 17 & 18

Match 19 & 20

Match 21 & 22

Match 23 & 24

Match 25 & 26

Match 27 & 28

Match 29 & 30

Match 31 & 32

Match 33 & 34


Match 35 & 36 

Match 37 & 38 

Match 39 & 40 

Match 41 & 42 

Match 43 & 44 

Match 45



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