Xiaomi’s New Water Purifier Cleans 1.5L of Water Every Minute

Xiaomi’s C1 series of Mi Water Purifiers has received a refresh for 2020 with an Enhanced Edition that features improved specifications and a slightly higher asking price.

The new Mi Water Purifier C1 Enhanced Edition features the exact same design and dimensions as its predecessor but with a few internal enhancements. It has a slim 127mm body that can easily be installed in a kitchen and has a total life of 500 gallons. It can produce 1.3L of water per minute.

Xiaomi Water Purifier C1 Enhanced Edition

Xiaomi Water Purifier C1 Enhanced Edition

The 4-stage filter has been replaced by an improved 5-stage filter consisting of a folding PP, a front carbon rod, a scale inhibitor, a reverse osmosis module, and a rear carbon rod. This level of filtration brings the water to a packaged water standard.

There is a smart control faucet on the top that has a small LED indicator with blue and orange lights which displays the real-time life of the filter and the status of the machine.

Additionally, you can also monitor the filter and change settings around through the Mijia app for smartphones. If the filter needs to be replaced, the app will send timely reminders as well. It has support for both iOS and Android.

The Mi Water Purifier C1 Enhanced Edition is available for $266 in China.

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