Asif Ali Joins Cheetay as CTO to Build the Largest Tech Team in Pakistan

Asif Ali has joined Cheetay as their Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He previously led strong tech teams at ePlanet, Goto, foodpanda and Careem and has more than 15 years of experience in tech development and Machine Learning.

“We are very excited to have Asif spearhead our tech development,” said Majid Khan, CEO of Cheetay. “Asif has been mandated to build the largest and best tech team in Pakistan, which will enable Cheetay’s vision of creating the best-in-class  high-performance tech to drive the future growth at our company.”

Asif has also worked for other leading brands such as Swvl, Daraz and Cisco on short assignments. His flair for intelligent problem solving helped him find solutions for the optimization of key business areas such as digital payments, route optimization, marketing, customer acquisition, and vendor and supply chain management. He has been incredibly successful in delivering logistics, e-Commerce and telehealth solutions in record time.

“Cheetay is rapidly scaling up and I’m thrilled to be a part of a homegrown startup where we are leveraging native resources to build world-class tech solutions to local business problems,” said Asif.

I love the culture of aggressive growth, creative development, rapid deployment and the collegial and collaborative work environment. There is no other company in Pakistan where one can learn so much in so little time. Everyone in the Cheetay family is integral to our growth trajectory and has the opportunity to make a big difference.

Asif is fascinated by the potential enhancement and improvement of human decision making by efficiently implementing technologies like Machine Learning. That is what prompted him to pursue a degree in Computer Sciences against the wishes of his parents. A gold medalist, Asif is currently enrolled in a PhD program with a focus on AI.

“Asif is a tinkerer, building things is his passion. He is driven by the intellectual challenge of finding efficient, quick-to-implement solutions to complex problems,” said Mohsin Qureshi, COO of Cheetay, who has previously worked with Asif.

Since joining, Asif has worked on CoCare, a COVID-19 contact tracing app, which is a public-private initiative led by Cheetay to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus in Pakistan. “Though CoCare is one of the many public service projects that Cheetay has committed resources to, it is the one that Pakistan needs most urgently today. It will take the country one step closer towards smart, cluster-based lockdowns and help reopen the economy safely,” said Asif. CoCare ( is expected to launch country-wide this week.

Cheetay is one of Pakistan’s largest and fastest-growing NOW-Commerce platforms that operates in eight cities and across five verticals: Food, Grocery, Pharma, Tiffin, and Errand. The company’s vision is to lead Pakistan’s tech revolution by developing and harnessing local talent while improving the lives of countless Pakistanis by creating employment opportunities in the country. Cheetay is proudly committed to driving significant social impact especially in areas like female empowerment, environment protection, the digitization of the economy and local SME business enhancement.

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