Wasim Akram Suggests Limited Ball-Tampering to Replace Saliva Ban

A temporary ban on the use of saliva to shine the cricket ball has left the bowlers in all sorts of troubles as it will be tough to swing the ball now. Legendary fast bowler, Wasim Akram, has said that the move will make the bowlers robots, bowling without any swing on offer.

What it means is that the bowlers will have to wait for the ball to get old naturally so that they can reverse-swing it. The Sultan of Swing acknowledged that there should be precautions in the wake of COVID-19, however, the fast bowlers will find it tough to get wickets.

Earlier, Anil Kumble, the head of the Cricket Committee that suggested the saliva ban, said that it will help spinners level up their game.


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Akram, who is the only left-arm fast bowler to take 400 wickets in both Tests and ODIs, has said that sweat alone will make the ball too wet. Since the game is tilted in favor of the batsmen, the 54-year-old said suggested a few temporary solutions with the saliva ban in place.

I believe that they will need to find a reasonable solution. Artificial substances like vaseline could be used to swing the ball but how much of it? When can you tamper the ball? Right from the first over or after 20-25 overs? They will need to sit down and do brainstorming.

Talking about the upcoming England-West Indies Test series, Akram said that it will be interesting to see how everything goes and what can be done about it.

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