Kind-Hearted Robbers Return Victim’s Belongings After He Bursts into Tears [Video]

Videos of robberies and snatching in Karachi go viral every other day. But, on Monday, a unique robbery scene was captured on camera in which alleged robbers were seen hugging the food delivery guy.

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The video shows that alleged robbers, somewhere in Karachi, intercept a food delivery boy and snatch his wallet.

Helpless by the situation, the boy says something to them and bursts into tears. Seeing him crying, kind-hearted thieves hug him and return his belongings before leaving off. The rider keeps crying even after the alleged robbers left.

The video is breaking the internet as people are hailing kind-hearted robbers and getting emotional watching the scene. Many believed that the robbers must have been affected by the ongoing situation and had some humanity left within them, hence, they returned the delivery boy’s belongings who was as needy as them.

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