Indian Media Goes into Propaganda Overdrive, Claims 43 Chinese Soliders Were Killed


After India’s failure in Ladakh, their media is trying to pull off another Balakot, fooling the masses regarding the faceoff. Chinese soldiers have killed 20 Indian soldiers in a violent faceoff in Galwan Valley of Ladakh. A number of them were beaten to death by their Chinese counterparts after clashes turned violent.

As is the case with Pakistan-India clashes, the media on the other side of the border is spewing fake news and sensationalizing the stories. The Indian media is now saying that 43 Chinese soldiers have also met a deadly fate in the faceoff.


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While the Indians themselves are divided over the authenticity of the reports, Pakistanis are having a field day as #Balakot trends on Twitter in a bid to mock the Indian Army. #LadakhBorder and 43 Chinese are also hot topics on the social media platform.

A huge majority of Indians are now bashing Prime Minister Narendra Modi whereas others are baffled over the media’s lies.

Let’s have a look at what the people are saying about the standoff:

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