US Allows Huawei to Collaborate With American Companies on 5G Development

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In an attempt to keep its leadership in global innovation, the US government has decided to allow American companies to work in collaboration with Huawei. The Chinese tech giant will still remain on the entity list, however, American companies will be allowed to disclose their technologies to Huawei without a license, if the purpose behind disclosure is 5G standards development.

The US commerce department, in a statement, said that this amendment is to ensure the US does not stay behind when it comes to 5G development. It certainly does not mean that the superpower is considering striking Huawei off from its entity list. The department detailed,

We will not prevent American companies from contributing to important standards-developing activities despite Huawei’s pervasive participation in standards-development organizations.

Will Ross, from the US commerce department, added,

The United States will not cede leadership in global innovation. This action recognizes the importance of harnessing American ingenuity to advance and protect our economic and national security.

Currently, none of the leading 5G infrastructure vendors belong to the United States. The companies currently leading the development of global 5G standards are Huawei from China, Ericsson from Sweden, and Nokia from Finland. There are other companies working on the tech, however, they haven’t made notable strides.

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