Sindh Govt Allocates Rs. 207 billion for Revival of Karachi Circular Railway


In order to meet the transportation requirements of the megacity, Karachi Circular Railway could play a pivotal role as determined by the Sindh Government which has allocated Rs. 207.5 billion for its revival.

The project is expected to be operational in six to ten months depending on the pace of work in the prevailing scenario. However, it has been reported that the railway lines which were encroached on and turned into shantytowns were removed by 70 percent.

The provincial government also allocated Rs. 3 billion for construction of underpasses and overhead bridges over railway crossing along the KCR route.

The Karachi Circular Railway revival project includes the transformation of the old Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) into a mass transit system, which covers an estimated distance of 50 kilometers.

Minister of Railways will take over the control of the project whereas its development and maintenance are carried out in collaboration with Sindh Government.

The total cost of the Karachi Circular Railway is over $2 billion.

Red Line and Yellow Line

For the next two years, BRT Red Line (29 km) worth Rs. 74 billion and Yellow Line (22km) at Rs. 61 billion were included in 2019-20.

The pace of these projects is highly questionable which saw delays in completion. In terms of fiscal sources, Rs. 36.5 billion has been allocated under ADP 2020-21 for 500 road schemes.

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