‘Higher’ Education: This Pakistani Student Climbs a Mountain For Online Classes

The idea of online classes during the times of pandemic sat well with many, as it is a safer and convenient way to continue the educational activities in the country. Not only does it save time, but it also cuts the cost for both, the management and students.

However, the process may not be that easy for many students belonging to the tribal areas with weak to no internet facility. Among those, is 22-year-old Saifullah Abbas Afridi from tribal areas.


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Afridi is a student of Political Sciences at the University of Peshawar. He usually stays in Peshawar for studies. But, nowadays, as universities and colleges are closed to stem the spread of the coronavirus, Saif is back in his native village.

Like many other villages in the tribal belt, his area also lacks the internet facility to get connectivity for online classes, Saifullah and his friend climb up the mountain.

The government has started online classes and we appreciate the step because it thought to continue activities despite the bad situation. But here in our tribal district, there is no internet.


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Afridi says he climbs the peak every morning.

Here I get theories and classes of my political science class via the internet. It is impossible to access the research of academics from Japan, France, or the rest of the world without the internet.

He noted that students from tribal districts living far from the mountain area are out of luck as they can’t access the internet at all. Therefore, they have launched a protest against online classes because they don’t have the internet to attend classes, and their career is at stake.

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