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Car Buyers Won’t Have to Wait Weeks for Number Plates Thanks to New Initiative

Yet another significant development comes from the Punjab Excise & Taxation Department in terms of providing convenience to the motorists. As per their latest Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS) initiative, the Punjab government has granted a select number of trusted auto-dealerships the ability to issue vehicle registration and number plates to the customers on the spot.

This is great news for the new customers, since, as a part of this policy, the new customers shall not only get the license plates and the registration of their new vehicle on the spot but will also be able to avail the said service after office hours without having to wait in long queues for long hours. The said facility also ensures proper online data collection and maintenance.


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All the new customers have to do is pay the service charges in addition to the registration fee. After having the vehicle registered through the designated system, the customers shall be given the new number plates. The dealers that have been granted the said abilities, shall have to do the following:

  • Depositing fee dues to the Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab
  • Data Entry against the registration of Vehicles
  • Delivery of registration documents to the relevant Motor Registration Authority (MRA)
  • Record maintenance for five years and having the record audit-ready at all times
  • Showing the rates of all deals at dealership point


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Punjab Department of Excise and Taxation has declared a fixed rate for dealers against their services, which is as follows:

  • PKR 500/- for bikes and rickshaws
  • PKR 2000/- for passenger and commercial vehicles

This, coupled with the recent paperless driver’s license initiative, is perhaps the evidence of the government of Punjab moving in the right direction, as far as offer convenience to the public is concerned. These steps have come at the most opportune moment as well, with the government itself stressing the people to limit their movement among the crowds, where these developments are sure to play a role.

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