TOTAL PARCO Continues to Meet the Energy Needs of Pakistan Amid Challenging Times

One of Pakistan’s leading Oil Marketing Companies, TOTAL PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL), has continued to efficiently meet the energy needs of Pakistan and ensure a seamless supply of POL products across all parts of the country in today’s challenging times.

The company is continuing the import of fuel products without interruption so it can meet the commitment of serving customers’ fuelling needs effectively amid the worst health and economic crises that Pakistan and the world has ever seen.

As Pakistan slowly returns to normalcy after weeks of business shutdown, TOTAL PARCO is playing its part diligently to help the country regain its economic strength and get it going again to undo the financial damage that the pandemic has done.

The company, as per its promise to the nation, is selling the fuel products on the original rates as notified by the government of Pakistan. Unlike other industry players, TOTAL PARCO has remained steadfast in its operations and steered clear of any unfair profiteering methods like creating an artificial fuel shortage, hoarding products, or selling overpriced fuel.

Moreover, the company is ensuring that all Covid-19 related SOPs are adhered to in their entirety and true spirit. The staff at the fuel stations are continuously apprised and trained on the latest safety protocols to keep themselves and the customers safe from the virus’ spread.

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