Kia Unveils the 4th Gen Grand Carnival With an SUV-Like Look


In Kia’s new and improved design language, comes the new Kia Carnival minivan, now with a more exciting and cutting edge look. With the design that makes the car a lot more like a crossover than a minivan, the new Sedona/Carnival is likely to catch the attention of many modern-day motorists with large families.

The latest offering is the 4th generation of Carnival minivan. The latest model, while still a minivan, carries a lot of influence from the SUV design. With a slightly longer and wider wheel base and shorter front and rear overhangs, the vehicle looks much more poised and aggressive for an minivan.

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With that said, there’s quite a lot of stuff going on in terms of the car’s exterior. For starters, the front of the car has been radically restyled. The front now features a longer and straighter nose, which is another one of the design ques borrowed from the SUVs. Then their’s the ‘Tiger Face’ front grill which spans across the entire width of the vehicle.

Then there are the sleek new headlights with DRLS integrated into the sides of the front grill. The front also features a rather large and beefy bumper with a silver trim piece at the bottom center which makes the front look rather handsome. However, mercifully there are not any fake sports car-esque vents on the front, which is a problem a lot of modern cars suffer from.

The side profile is almost like every other mid-size minivan, except that there are a few sharp lines that run along the length of the car to make it look more sporting. Plus, the wheel arches are also slightly pronounced to make the car look planted and muscular. Needless to say that these are all cosmetic elements.

The minivan also features something called the “Island Rood” design, with black A and B pillar that hold up the body colored roof and a signature chrome fin on the C pillar with a diamond pattern surface finish, which starts from the top, goes around the window creases and ends at the tailgate.


Speaking of which, the rear also has some new design elements, with a sleek taillight that spans across the back, a few sharp lines and a rear bumper that features foglights, reverse lights and another scuff-plate looking silver trim piece to complement the design.

Although the new design is appealing, the Carnival is still a minivan that appeals to a very limited crowd. Therefore, we are yet to see how it will do in the international market. As for Pakistan, Kia still has the 3rd Carnival up for sale brand new. But due to the fact that it is way too expensive and that it has a very limited buyer crowd, the car didn’t quite do so well in our market. Which implies that we might not be getting the new gen carnival anytime soon, if at all.

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