PUBG Mobile Loses to Call of Duty in Downloads

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Call of Duty Mobile has surpassed 250 million downloads worldwide in 256 days and has broken PUBG’s record of 236 million in the same time period. The massively popular shooter game also generated more revenue than any other mobile game in the period.

Call of Duty Mobile, jointly developed by Tencent and Activision, was launched back on October 1st, 2019. Since then, the mobile game garnered 250 million downloads while PUBG accumulated 236 million and Fortnite (iOS launch only) only gained 78 million in the same time frame.

Call Of Duty Mobile 250 Million Downloads 265 Days

Call Of Duty Mobile 250 Million Downloads 265 Days

The report comes from Sensor Tower and it also shows downloads by region and the revenue generated by the game. CoD Mobile is most popular in the United States with 18% of the total downloads (45 million) and the second and third top countries were India and Brazil respectively.

As mentioned before, it also generated the highest revenue compared to its competitors in terms of global user spending in the first 256 days. It made a total of $327 million in revenue which is 78% higher than PUBG and 83% higher than Fortnite.

Call of Duty’s best performing period was its first month of launch with $55 million in revenue and May 2020 came very close with $53 million. The US ranked first in terms of user spending as well with 41% ($134 million) of the total revenue coming from the region. Japan and Brazil ranked second and third in this category.

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