Punjab Government Announces Immediate Action Against E-Challan Evaders

The government of Punjab’s official twitter account has just tweeted that the city traffic police shall be taking immediate action against those who have neglected to pay their E-challans. This exercise shall continue on a daily basis to allow E-challan evaders to face accountability, as per the official tweet.

The statement also includes details that 17 special squads have been designated to carry out the action against those who haven’t paid the E-challan, along with 34 traffic wardens, who have also been allocated to this particular task.

As the initial part of this exercise, the cars that have either neglected to pay their E-challans or have multiple pending E-challans shall be pulled over at the checkpoints that have been set across various points in the region.

The government of Punjab has been fairly active in multiple developments in the interest of facilitating and regulating the motorists. Just a few days ago, Punjab Federal Excise and Taxation Department offered a few trusted auto-dealerships the authority to issue vehicle registration and number plates to customers on the spot, so the customers can avoid getting stuck in long queues for hours.

Also in a recent development, the Government of Punjab introduced a paperless driver’s license issuing system, so motorists can receive their driver’s license in a swift and easy manner.

Now with the recent tightening of the protocols against E-challan evaders, the traffic in Punjab should become a lot more civil.

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