Google Photos Gets a Much Needed Design Overhaul & New Features

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After providing five long years of efficient photo storage solutions across platforms, Google photos finally got the big new redesign we were waiting for. Apart from a simpler and modern pinwheel logo, the redesign brings a refreshed look with fresh ways to navigate the app and a long-awaited map view.

According to David Lieb, product lead for Google Photos,

A lot of people really love the product, and the reason they love it is a little bit different than what we initially designed it for. The thing they really love it for is this idea of nostalgia and reminiscing, and looking back on your photos. So, in this redesign, we decided to really lean into that. We think in the long run, that is the unique, durable value of Google Photos.

Simplified Interface

Google has ditched the four main sections and a partially complex navigation drawer and opted for a simplified interface with just three tabs in the bottom bar.

The main page of the application has a similar photo grid. However, the thumbnails and auto-playing videos are larger, with smaller spaces between each thumbnail.

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Memories have also been updated. They are more prominent now since instead of circles, it now uses larger portrait cards. Moreover, the movies, collages, animations, stylized photos, and other automatic creations are also a part of memories now. One of the most important features added to memories is restricting specific time periods or individuals from popping up in memories. This way, users can prevent the app from surprising them with pictures or videos of relatives and friends who they may not want to see.

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Google Photos now also makes automated guesses about which pictures users are likely to find the most interesting, enlarging them in the feed as they scroll.

Simplified Search Feature

According to Google, it realizes how important the search feature has become over the past as photo libraries have gotten bigger. Hence, the update brings the search feature to the forefront.

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Search has been given a dedicated section and the center tab. It starts with a text box and is followed by a larger “People & pets” carousel than before.


The biggest and most interesting new feature is the new map view, which, according to Google, is the most requested feature so far. This feature will now display pictures on the map by leveraging the EXIF camera data and Google location history.

Google writes:

You can pinch and zoom around the globe to explore photos of your travels, see where you’ve taken the most photos around your hometown, or find that one photo from somewhere on your road trip across the country.

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The final tab is called ‘Library’ that features Albums, Favorites, Trash, Archive, and more. Some of the new features added to the library include a print store for turning your photos into prints and books, a link to utilities like a photo scanner, a tool for making animations, and access to your deleted photos.

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New Logo

Lastly, the new logo looks much better than the previous one, it is a lot rounder and flatter than before.

Google is still sticking to the pinwheel logo, though.

search feature


The redesign will start rolling out to users globally by next week.

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