Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices by Up to Rs. 20,000

As soon as the new budget was introduced, it was only a matter of time before all automakers revise the prices of their products. Among the bike manufacturers, Yamaha was the first company to reveal the new prices and now, Atlas Honda has also caught up, and in a big way.

In a circular issued by Altlas Honda to its 3S dealers all over Pakistan, all bikes prices shall be revised on July 1st 2020 by varying degrees. Apparently, the bikes that are sold in high volumes, namely, the CD-70, Pridor, CD-Dream and the CG 125 have only gone through minor revisions in the price.


Yamaha Increases Bike Prices Again Just After 4 Months

But the bigger bikes with a smaller buyer crowd, i.e. the CG-125 S special edition, all variants of CB-125 F and the CB-150 F, have seen a massive bump in the prices, with the latter going up in price by a hefty Rs. 20,ooo/-.

The list of new prices is as follows:

BikeOld Price (PKR) Revised Price (PKR) Increased by (PKR)
CD Dream80,500/-82,500/-2,000/-
CG-125 with Self Start149,900/-152,900/-3,000/-
CG-125 S Special Edition151,900/-154,900/-3,000/-
CB-125 F175,500/-185,500/-10,000/-
CB-125 F Special Edition177,500/-187,500/-10,000/-
CB-150 F219,500/-239,500/-20,000/-

Like Yamaha, this is Honda’s 2nd price revision in just a few months. And also like Yamaha, Atlas Honda reports that the reason for the price bump is the depreciation of the local currency.

They have a fair point, but jacking up the price of their supposed flagship bike by 20,000 Rupees seems a bit too drastic considering how the bike makers proudly claim that most of the bike part manufacturing takes place in Pakistan. How will this price revision affect the sales, remains to be seen.

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