Xiaomi Launches XiaoAi Portable Smart Speaker for Just $7

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Xiaomi has released a new smart speaker at the Youpin platform which, unlike Alexa or Google Home, is a lot more portable, compact and affordable. The new XiaoAI portable speaker costs only $7 at the company’s crowdfunding website.

As the name suggests, Xiaomi’s new portable speaker can be easily carried around as it comes in a small and lightweight body. It is a simple square-shaped speaker that looks similar to FM radios from the days of yore. It has rounded corners and is made out of ABS + PC material and there is a USB-C port for charging.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Portable Speaker

Xiaomi Xiaoai Portable Speaker

There is a microphone and only two buttons on the device, one for power, and one for the mic. The XiaoAI voice assistant can be triggered easily with one voice command and the speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connections.

The voice assistant can be configured to shut down at given times and can also state connection status and power status. It can be connected to Smartphones for additional controls and play music, audiobooks, and control playback using voice commands.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Portable Speaker

Xiaomi Xiaoai Portable Speaker

Any smartphone running MIUI can be connected to the speaker immediately through a pop-up window that appears for Bluetooth connections. At the moment it is only available to newer phones such as the Mi 10, Mi 10, Mi 9, etc, but it will roll out to older devices soon.

The XiaoAI Portable Speaker is able to last about six hours on a single charge. As mentioned before, the smart speaker is available for only $7.

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