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Suzuki Alto VXR Gets a Big Price Hike

Following in the footsteps of their own motorbike division, Pak-Suzuki has reportedly jacked up the price of the all new Alto VXR by a lofty 63,000 Rupees. The authorized Suzuki dealers were informed of the said development along with the instruction that the customers who have booked the car on the old price, shall not be charged the new price.


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This whopping price jump has now taken the already ‘not so modestly priced’ Suzuki Alto VXR up to Rs. 1,198,000 which is a big price tag for a 660cc mini-hatchback. Plus, it bears mentioning that the said price does not include tax, which implies that the final price of the car could go well of 1,200,000. The notification issued to the dealers states that the revised price shall be effective from 7th of July, 2020.

Upon release back last year, the Alto VXR was valued at Rs. 1,101,000, which was higher by Rs. 50,000 than the newer and arguably better-equipped Prince Pearl. Although the price of the latter had also been increased, it still remains less than the Alto VXR by the same margin. Considering that with the equipment list on the Pearl, competition for Suzuki is likely to get slightly tough.


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The news of the price increase has come right after the price increase announced on Suzuki’s new bikes. In fact, just a few days ago, a number of automakers including Toyota, Regal Motors, Yamaha, Honda, and of course Suzuki themselves, have come forward with revised prices on their products after the release of 2020 budget.

With that said, it seems to be a mere beginning of the virtual wave of price increments in the automotive industry. Add this with the impeded production and nose-diving sales, and 2020 easily becomes the worst year for the auto industry in Pakistan.

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