Dawlance Elegance Inverter AC Offers Great Value for Money [Video Review]

Over a week ago, we reviewed an AC after a long time, breaking away from our usual laptop and phone reviews. Today we have another AC yet again, and this time it is a 1-ton Dawlance Elegance series Inverter AC.

We have unboxed and reviewed the machine on our YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe for more. Here’s the review:

One of the best things about the unboxing was that the company’s technicians had all the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) including masks, gloves, and even face shields. The unboxing itself was quite standard. The box for the indoor unit contained the AC remote, a warranty card, cables, equipment for mounting, and of course, the unit itself.

air technology

gold fin technology

Unboxing and Build

The design of the indoor unit is quite minimalist, but unlike the picture above, ours came with stickers on the left and right which showed the AC’s features for power saving and more. The body is entirely made out of plastic, though it comes with gold fin technology which ensures a 100% copper build on the inside to minimize depreciation as well as improve durability and longevity.

This gold fin technology has also been added to the outer unit.


Since it is an inverter AC, it is able to save you up to Rs 30,000 a year. Its power-saving technology lowers power consumption once it nears the target temperature, getting as low as 2-3 amperes, and it’s also able to start with voltage as low as 150V, making it perfectly usable with a UPS too.

The Typhoon air technology maxes out its fan’s range and quality. We set up the AC at one end of the room and the air could easily reach the far end of the room. It had no odor and felt natural as well.

Once the AC is turned off, simply press the iClean button on the remote control to start up the self-cleaning feature. This, as the name suggests, cleans the AC from the inside whenever necessary. This eliminates the need for hiring repairmen to come and service or clean the AC from the inside.

The warranty card not only includes 12 years of insurance on the AC itself but also brings 4 years of warranty on the PCB (printed circuit board) for AC/DC conversion. These PCBs are usually expensive and this is the first time Dawlance is bringing a warranty for them for as long as 4 years. Other brands are only offering 1 year of PCB warranty.


Seeing the Rs 64,000 price tag, we thought there would be a few compromises in terms of features or quality, but this was not the case at all. The Dawlance Elegance Inverter AC offers great value for money, especially considering the features it comes with and the long warranty and insurance included in the package.

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