Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Becomes the Best Selling Wearable in The World

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The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 5 certainly has high expectations to live up to as the Mi Band 4 has just become the best selling wearable in the world. The Chinese brand took it to Twitter to show off the best selling wearable.

Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4

Xiaomi’s tweet refers to the Canalys wearable shipment estimates, which show that the Mi Band 4 has been the best selling wearable worldwide between Q3 2019 and Q1 2020.

The Mi Band lineup has enjoyed massive success since the start. The first Mi Band was highly successful and the Mi Band 2 was another top-selling model before the Mi Band 4. The Mi Band 3 was sold over a million units in 17 months while the Mi Band 2 did it in just two months. The series seems to be aging quite well as the Mi Band 4 has broken all records by selling a million units in just 8 days.

Not only this but the company also recently celebrated selling over 100 million smart wearables between 2014 to 2019.

Hence, there is hardly any doubt that the Mi Band 5 is also going to be a success, especially with all the upgrades it brings for a low price point. It is set to launch globally on July 15, 2020, along with plenty of other gadgets.

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