Govt to Start Recording Daily Sales of Fuel Stations

Owing to the recent catastrophic shortfall of fuel across Pakistan and the continuous rise in fuel prices, the government has finally decided to tighten up the scrutiny measures for the Oil Manufacturing Companies (OMCs) by announcing that they shall record the sales data of all petrol stations across Pakistan on a daily basis.

This development also includes imposing necessary amendments in policies and operations of Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and sealing all illegal fuel stations across Pakistan.

In a discussion with the media, a senior representative of petroleum sector developments stated that, “Accordingly, a law will be imposed, under which, live data of oil depots’ sales and ‘nozzle sale’ data (actual dispensed fuel) of petrol pumps shall be recorded in a system on daily basis.” He further added that this would aid in organizing the information so as to keep the supply chain and the fuel stocks in an agreeable state.

The representative stated that the disturbances in the market are also due in large part to the illegal fuel stations. He highlighted that there are more than 1,500 illegal fuel stations operating without any association or agreement and will be shut down with authority through stern action.

The representative speculated to have the data recording mechanism in place within a few weeks. However, the exercise is likely to be exhaustive and time-consuming, since there are more than 9,000 legal fuel stations operating in Pakistan working in association with various OMCs.

The representative also stated that the efforts are being fast-tracked in order for the fuel industry to stabilize and for the prices to be appropriated for the general public. He added that all the compulsory changes shall be imposed in favor of OGRA, to allow them to take action against any shady business.

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