New Super Affordable Kia Sportage LX Launched in Pakistan

In a recent development, Kia has announced the release of the new Sportage in a more basic LX trim level. The vehicle features the same overall design, but there are a few changes in the features list. For starters, the new variant is going to be front wheel drive only. Along with that, there are a few other changes in the specs of this car.

In a few major changes, the LX will not feature a panoramic sunroof. Plus, it will only come with 17 inch alloy rims, it will have halogen projection headlights, halogen rear lights, DRLs but not in a fancy quad-ice cube design, no fog-lights, no parking sensors, a manual hand break and a 7 inch LCD based infotainment system.


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However, the car does still feature its 2.0 litre petrol engine that is capable of making 155 horsepower and 196 Newton/Meters of torque, that will be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Plus, it can still be had with all the basic features such as dual-zone climate control, USB and AUX ports, steering controls for infotainment, driver-passenger airbags, Hill start assist, downhill brake control and vehicle stability and traction control.

Although, all of this still comes with quite a handsome price tag of Rs. 4,399,000/- with the booking advance of 1,500,000/-.

Still, it must be mentioned this car goes head to head with the Toyota Fortuner which is immensely more expensive as compared to the Sportage. Just to put things into perspective, the Base Fortuner starts at around Rs. 7,699,000/- which implies that the 2 vehicles have a price difference of Rs. 3,300,000/-.


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In conclusion, most of the changes made in the new trim level are mostly all downgrades. So that begs the question; should we give the Kia Sportage a chance? And the answer is Yes. Because this car is basically the same spacious and comfortable family Hauler with not many compromises in features, but a huge advantage in terms of price, especially when you compare it to the competition.

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