Daewoo Bus Service Offers Huge Discounts on Multiple Routes


Daewoo Express Bus Service officially restarted its operations on July 10, 2020, all over Pakistan. However, they haven’t explained how they’d be following Coronavirus mitigation SOPs on the journey. They have, however, announced handsome discounts on some of their routes.

Here’s a list of all the discounts that you can get:

RoutesBusesOld Fares (PKR)Discounted Fares (PKR)
Lahore to BahawalpurUnspecified1,250/-1,000/-
Lahore to KhanewalUnspecified1,050/-900/-
Lahore to SadiqabadUnspecified1,850/-1,600/-
Rawalpindi to SadiqabadUnspecified2,180/-1,800/-
Rawalpindi to BahawalpurNormal1,600/-1,100/-
Rawalpindi to BahawalpurVIP1,750/-1,300/-
Rawalpindi to SwatUnspecified950/-700/-
Rawalpindi to D.I. KhanUnspecified1,150/-1,000/-
Rawalpindi to MultanNormal1,450/-1,000/-
Rawalpindi to MultanVIP1,600/-1,200/-

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Daewoo express had to stop its operations for 2 months. Later on, the bus service became partially operational in late May and early June, opening up their services for specific routes. Earlier this month, the company announced the full-fledged resumption of its operations across Pakistan.

In the interest of safety, Daewoo Express did share a video clip of one of their staff members disinfecting the bus in full PPE, and another staff member checking the temperatures of passengers prior to their boarding.

Daewoo Express is one of the most trusted bus services across Pakistan and has been a major part of the travel industry for a long time. With the lockdown gradually being lifted completely and the activities returning to normal, the transport industry is also poised to bounce back from the recent slump, and with these discounts, Daewoo Express seeks to be at the forefront of that revival.

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