Pakistan’s First AI Based Fashion Platform is Launched by Shoppingum

Fashion is not just a name but is considered as a statement. It is a very vast domain, and nowadays, the trends of the fashion industry are prevalent. Personality and attitude of people across the world are described in the sense of fashion. There is an unpredictable fluctuation in the trends of fashion, and all the enthusiasts of fashion eagerly wait for the latest trend on offer to follow.

According to the latest statistics, it is very clear that the e-commerce industry has played a significant role in the industry of fashion. As per recent studies, it is expected that this industry will grow a total of $700 Billion in revenue by 2022. This growth will be across the world. However, the e-commerce industry in Pakistan contributes to a total of almost 13%.

In Pakistan, enthusiasts of fashion blindly follow the latest trends of fashion, and that is the reason for the booming success of the fashion industry. When there is talk of the trend in the market, designers keenly focus on both the genders, men, and women. People across Pakistan are considering themselves extremely lucky because of the facility of online shopping.

Online shopping problems in Pakistan

Some of the most common problems, which every Pakistani encounter while shopping from online sites are given below:

  • Difficulty to find official webpages and websites of local fashion brands of Pakistan.
  • Time consumption to look for the preferable outfit online.
  • There is no single platform where you can find all the brands.
  • Online shopping scams and frauds.
  • Difficulty in finding the updates for all the latest and trendy collections regarding fashion.
  • Hard to shop within a limited price range.
The exciting news for all the fashion enthusiasts -“Fashionista.”

If you are a fashion enthusiast and looking for a piece of good news regarding fashion, then you will be amazed to know that Shoppingum, one of the leading e-commerce startups in Pakistan, has finally launched much-awaited artificial intelligence platform for online shopping named as, “Fashionista,” to solve all your problems regarding online shopping.

Fashionista is specially designed to ease the method of online shopping. Artificial intelligence has wholly transformed the E-commerce industry. Fashionista is also using this AI technology, and the impacts of this technology are dedicated to the user’s choice of not only the selection of the desirable dress but also finding it in very little time.

AI technology is beneficial in finding preferable content. AI in the domain of fashion has resulted in a considerable amount of decrease in the number of returned goods. The main reason behind this is its authenticity.

Advantages of this Fashion Platform

Fashionista is considered one of the best platforms, which has a number of advantages, and the exciting thing about this platform is its ease of online shopping and user-friendly features. It has all the solutions, starting from an easy method of searching for the selection of local fashion brands in Pakistan. It saves a lot of time and effort of the user and is completely an authentic platform.

It will not save its users from online fake scams and frauds, but it will also save their money. All the updates regarding the latest trends of fashion in the market are easily accessible on this platform.

So, what is stopping you? Try this online shopping experience for once and get attached to this platform for all.

All in one platform

The AI facility of Fashionista offers you the right price, right size, and complete list of comparison among all the latest Pakistani dresses trends. Fashionista is considered as one single platform for everything having a unique feature of price filter.

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