Days-Long Wi-Tribe Outage Leaves Users Frustrated Across Pakistan

For several days now, wi-tribe users across Pakistan are complaining of no internet connection that has severely interrupted their remote studies and work amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Worse, the company’s customer care representatives haven’t been responding to the deluge of calls and messages they are receiving from frustrated and disgruntled users across the country.

Moreover, users have also reported that they found wi-tribe offices closed when trying to reach the company for complaints.

Users are venting their anger on Facebook and Twitter against the company. “It has been more than 3 days since #witribe internet isn’t working,” shares a Twitter user.

“The customer care representatives are suggesting to switch to PTCL internet when I went to complain about this issue. Every month they shut their service in the name of maintenance,” he adds.

“How may I supposed to take online classes if your internet is down for more than 2 days??” another Twitter user asks wi-tribe. To his query, wi-tribe responds as follows:

“There has been a maintenance activity running at the tower end, as soon as the activity is done. Your internet service will be restored. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Due to unplanned activity, a specific resolution time cannot be committed.”

#witribe internet


The only official word that some users have received from wi-tribe is the email message regretting the interruption in services due to some ‘technical issues’.

“wi-tribe technical teams are working to restore services as early as possible,” the message reads.

The message gives no timeline on when the services will be restored, leaving users clueless and making the matter more suspicious. Some rumors even speculate that the company is going insolvent and is filing for bankruptcy.

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