Xiaomi Black Shark 3S Will Feature Motion Controls, Screen Mirroring & More

The Black Shark 3S, which is an update to the base Black Shark 3 gaming phone, is due for launch in only 2 days from now. Xiaomi is working on adding even more gaming features into the handset and a new teaser from the company shows us exactly what to expect from the upcoming powerhouse.


Xiaomi Goes All Out With Black Shark 3 & 3 Pro 5G Gaming Phones

The phone will run on the Xiaomi’s Black Shark exclusive OS, JoyUI 12, and it has now gained support for USB 3.0 screen mirroring. This will let you project the phone’s screen to a computer via USB 3.0 and the Black Shark app on the phone. The phone’s display will be mirrored on the computer at 60FPS, though the phone’s own AMOLED display can go up to 120Hz.

The computer’s keyboard and mouse input can then be used to play games on the phone and these controls will be fully customizable. The video below demonstrates how it works.

In case someone only wants to use the phone, the phone also offers enhanced motion controls to supplement the touch screen. The handset’s gyroscope aids in this feature so you can just flick the phone in one of six directions for different commands in the game. For instance, you can switch weapons by flicking to the right, flick upwards to jump, and flick downwards to crouch.

To add even more controls, Black Shark 3S will bring a clip-on to add physical shoulder buttons to the phone. This will work with phones from other brands as well.

Another feature coming with the latest update to JoyUI 12 is called “Game Barrage”. This will act as an in-game overlay to show notifications for text messages, emails, calls, etc. However, unlike usual chat heads, Game Barrage will include the option to show the entire text and customize incoming notifications with filters, color options, text opacity, and more.

The overlay will also support voice commands so people don’t have to take their fingers off the controls to respond to notifications.

As mentioned before, the Black Shark 3S is expected to arrive on July 31.

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