Punjab Officially Announces Date to Re-Open Schools

The Punjab government has announced to open all public and private schools from September 15. The provincial minister for Education, Murad Raas, announced the news on Twitter.

The minister noted that it is a tentative date, and the final decision will depend on the COVID-19 situation in Punjab. He said that the government has finalized SOPs and will be conveyed to concerned people.

All Public & Private Schools of Punjab to open September 15th, 2020. This is a tentative date depending on COVID 19 situation in Punjab. SOPs for opening Schools are in place which will be conveyed to everyone. All other news is “FAKE NEWS”.


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SOPs for Opening of Schools

The provincial government had finalized the SOPs in this regard on Tuesday, some of them are given below:

Under the SOPs, the school administrations will check the temperature of every student and staff member before allowing them to enter the school premises.


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Schools will ensure the availability of hand sanitizers for all students and staff.

All sorts of functions, ceremonies, and breaks will be prohibited under the SOPs as well.

Each class will host no more than 20 students, while only 2 students will be allowed to share a desk.

Schools that cannot implement the SOPs will be allowed to run in two shifts to ensure the students’ safety.

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