Cambridge Decides to Change Marking Policy for O & A Level Students

Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mahmood, has revealed that the efforts of the federal government have borne fruit as Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has decided that the grades for May and June 2020 exams would not be less than the predicted grades calculated by schools. In case a grade is higher than the predicted grade, the higher grade will stand.

CAIE will soon announce new grades for the May and June exams 2020 series, Mahmood said, adding that schools have been directed by CAIE to inform students of the predicted grades sent to it.


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Mahmood had announced to approach the CAIE over the unfair grading in the results of the May and June exams that were canceled in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, (CAIE) had published the results of the May June 2020 exams based on a 4-step process that combined evidence provided by schools with the evidence at its disposal to assign predictive grades and ranks to all students without exams.

Students expecting As and Bs were accorded Cs and Ds and those who deserved Bs and Cs were rewarded with As

The results caused dismay among the students as they claimed their predicted grades are in complete contradiction with their expected grades based on their performance during classwork, coursework, assignments, and mock exams.


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Moreover, A-level students felt demotivated to apply to top national and international universities as they believed their grades reduced their chances to get admitted to institutes of their choice. Many students lost scholarships and grants as well due to CAIE’s unfair grading.

Students rejected the May and June exams result and termed the 4-step evidence-based process employed by the CAIE as unfair. They expressed their anger and disagreement over the May and June exams on social networking platforms, urging the Education Minister to take notice of the issue.

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