Gmail & Other Google Services Are Down

If you are having trouble sending emails on Gmail or using other Google apps, its because several Google services are currently down including many of the G Suite services, but mostly Gmail.


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Thousands of people have reported issues with Google apps over the past few hours and the company has updated its app status page to indicate the disruption in services. There have been many reports on Twitter as well.

While some are able to send emails normally, they are having trouble attaching files or with some other in-app feature. It usually leads to an error message saying that you need to check your network, but it’s working a little for some, but slowly. People have reported issues with Google Meet, Google Voice, Google Docs, and YouTube is also performing sluggishly for some.

Google’s status page says that their team is currently investigating the issue and will have more information within the hour. It details that they are currently observing “Gmail sending issues, Meet recording issues, Creating files issues in Drive, CSV user upload issues in Admin Console, and Posting message issues in Google Chat”.

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