UET Students Test COVID-19 Positive As On-Campus Exams Start Today Without Precautions

Several students at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) have either tested positive or have developed symptoms of the Coronavirus infection.

According to details, 4 resident students at the Lahore campus have tested positive for COVID-19 while 7 resident students at the Narowal campus have been quarantined on the suspicion of the disease and are awaiting results.


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What makes this development even more distressing is the fact that UET has commenced on-campus semester exams today without any precautionary measures despite the recent Coronavirus cases reported in its hostels.

Students have expressed apprehension over the situation and have demanded to call off on-campus semester exams with immediate effect. They have urged UET’s administration to hold semester exams online via different telecommunication applications.

The recent event at the UET has also cast doubt over the reopening of all educational institutions all over the country from 15 September.

Hopefully, the issue will be raised during the final review meeting of the National Command Operation Center (NCOC) on 7 September.


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UET’s on-campus exams

Last month, it came to light that UET had been forcing students to appear in on-campus semester exams without any precautionary measures amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Not just this, it used intimidating tactics to coerce the students into signing a document which stated that the university’s administration shall not be held responsible for any harm rendered to the students’ health.

Even then, the students had urged UET to follow in the footsteps of other universities and conduct online exams on the same pattern as online classes during the Coronavirus pandemic, fearing that appearing in on-campus exams without any precautionary measures could put their lives and their families in danger.

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