Former Pakistan Captain Shocked At Defensive Batting Approach

Inzamam-ul-Haq has criticized Pakistan batsmen on the way they batted on Day 4, adding that he was shocked at their approach and that he’s never happy with this type of cricket.

The former captain acknowledged that the situation needed batsmen to be extra careful, however, there were bad balls that needed to be put away.

The match situation is as it is but surely you should have some pride inside you. On the short ball, you keep ducking and moving, you don’t move your feet at the full balls. I was shocked and sad to see Pakistan’s batting today. You have self-respect and pride that you’re playing for Pakistan. I don’t like saying this but I was very sad today.

Inzamam further said that even if batsmen play 100 overs, England can still win the match because Pakistan will still be trailing if they continue to play like this.

The 50-year-old urged Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan to ask the batsmen to be a little more aggressive and play with pride in such situations. Thanks to the defensive batting approach, it is the rain only that can save the Test for Pakistan because even if England get 40-45 overs, wickets can tumble.


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Defensive batting puts the entire team under pressure, Inzamam said, adding that the batsmen should at least showcase that an international-standard Pakistan team is playing.

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