Green Tint Returns on Samsung Phones Yet Again

In April this year, a new bug that caused a weird green tint on the Samsung Galaxy Ultra Smartphones with Exynos chipset was discovered. Fortunately, the company rolled out an update almost instantly fixing the issue.

However, that was not the end of it. The green tint is back, and this time the bug has affected the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Snapdragon version), Galaxy Tab S7, and Tab S7+. Reportedly, the issue is caused when the display is set to 120Hz, the refresh rate drops to 60Hz in some apps, and the brightness is lowered below 30 percent.

According to users, the issue goes away after the handset is restarted or the cache is emptied. However, the tint almost always comes back. Moreover, the issue, as it was previously believed, is not exclusive to AMOLED displays since it has affected the Galaxy Tab S7 as well, and it comes with an LCD panel.

Samsung has not commented on the matter yet, but we are expecting a fix soon since the issue on S20 Ultra was successfully fixed.

Samsung is not the first smartphone OEM to face this issue. A similar issue was faced by iPhone and iPad users earlier this year. The bug was fixed with the recently released iOS and iPadOS 13.6.1 update.


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