Lahore-Based Startup Invents Pakistan’s First Affordable and Bloodless Dialysis Machine

Byonyks, an American startup based in Lahore, has successfully invented Pakistan’s first of its kind dialysis machine that would allow kidney patients to receive dialysis treatment at their homes.

Named “Robo-Kidney,” the machine will go into mass production in the coming few months after receiving approval from the healthcare regulators.


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Robo-Kidney has been designed in consultation with Pakistan’s leading nephrologists and healthcare experts.

Moreover, the machine will minimize the risk of contracting Hepatitis-C during the traditional dialysis procedure.

According to the official statement by Byonyks, about 72% of kidney patients in Pakistan get infected with Hepatitis-C that spreads during the conventional dialysis treatment.


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Founder and CEO Byonyks, Farrukh Usman, has said:

Robo-Kidney is an affordable and bloodless machine that will allow kidney patients to receive dialysis treatment at their homes.

He added that Robo-Kidney will also ease the burden on national healthcare resources. It will also contribute to Pakistan’s economy through export to international markets.

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