Pakistan Will Not Recognize Israel: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that Pakistan will not recognize Israel unless the people of Palestine are given their due rights. He made these remarks on Tuesday during an interview with a renowned news anchor.

His remarks came days after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recognized the Jewish state in the name of ‘peace deal.’ According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Oman and Bahrain are next in the queue to accept Israel.

When asked if the country was mulling a significant policy shift towards Israel, just like the UAE and many other Arab nations, Khan said:

Our stance is very clear… Quaid-e-Azam said in 1948 that we can’t accept Israel until Palestinians are given their rights.


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Khan’s statement has put a full stop to the speculations that Pakistan will succumb to the US and Arab pressure to formalize ties with Israel.

Jahangir Tareen

Among other important questions, Khan spoke of his strained relations with close aide Jahangir Tareen over sugar scam. Khan recalled Tareen’s sacrifices for the party but maintained that a leader has to make difficult decisions at times.

In my last eight years of struggle, Jahangir Tareen was the one who really worked hard – I have regrets.

Khan admitted that Tareen was very close to him. He was one of his few friends in politics. He, however, said that Tareen has been not declared guilty.


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He argued that Karachi is the economic hub of the country; thus, it should have a ‘metropolitan system.’

Karachi is Pakistan’s economic engine, it drives Pakistan’s economic growth. Hence, it should have its own money metropolitan and collection system.

Khan noted that Sindh needs a new local government system.

I have already moved to Supreme Court to challenge the existing system, and want to replace it with Punjab model ahead of the next local bodies elections.

He blamed former MQM chief Altaf Hussain for the port city’s current situation.


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Usman Buzdar

He threw full support behind Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, saying that the province is moving in the right direction under his command. Khan said Buzdar is new to the power corridors and is learning the art of ruling, thus, made a few mistakes in the first year.

He said he was surprised to see NAB investigating him in the liquor license case and believed Buzdar has nothing to do with it. PM Khan said that he had already asked the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to look into the allegations, and they found no evidence against Buzdar.

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