Peshawar BRT’s Feeder Routes Will be Ready in Two Weeks

After many controversies and delays, Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) became operational for the general public on 13th August 2020. However, the service is not yet fully operational, since the feeder routes are yet to be opened. However, recent media reports suggest that the feeder routes shall be made operational in two weeks.

Chief Executive Officer TransPeshawar, Fayyaz Ahmad Khan informed the media that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been given the status update regarding the Hayatabad feeder route, which is to be made operational within two weeks. Khan further stated that 90 buses are operational on the main route and the service would be operating at full capacity once the feeder routes are up and running.

CEO TransPeshawar also stated that the exact number of passengers cannot be determined, since a large percentage of people using the service are joyriders. On that note, one of the officials of TransPeshawar stated that they shall be able to determine the actual number of commuters in a couple of weeks once the joyrides are over.

Fayyaz Khan added that the control centers also keep their eye on the bus terminals so that if a terminal gets too crowded, an additional bus is sent to that terminal right away. In light of the ongoing pandemic, the passengers that don’t wear facemasks are not allowed onboard.

He stated that the SOPs pertaining to the Coronavirus mitigation and avoidance have been made mandatory for both the staff and the passengers. People must use facemasks and stay at least 6 feet apart at the terminals. The local authorities are also being welcomed to impose the SOPs if necessary, and the individuals who neglect to follow the SOPs are to be fined.

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