Punjab Launches Smart Swab Sampling Campaign to Detect New Coronavirus Cases

Punjab government has launched a smart swab sampling campaign to detect new COVID-19 cases across the province.

According to details, District Health Authorities (DHA) will randomly collect swab samples every day in every city of Punjab.


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The swab samples will be taken at public places such as parks, markets, and tourist spots. They will be also collected from jails and orphanage homes.

Officials at the Punjab Health Department have said the idea that the threat of Coronavirus has abated is entirely misleading.

The public must exercise precautionary measures against Coronavirus such as wearing face masks, frequent hand washing, and observing social distancing.

CEO Rawalpindi DHA, Dr. Sohail Ahmed, has said that DHA Rawalpindi will collect around 1,500 swab samples every day.


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When asked how long the public must adhere to COVID-19 SOPs, Dr. Sohail said that the public should be careful until the Federal government officially announces that the Coronavirus has ended.

Till then, the public must follow Coronavirus SOPs to avoid the resurgence of the viral infection, added Dr. Sohail.

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