This is the Best Looking Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra You’ll Ever See

Caviar, the Russian brand known for its luxury accessories, has unveiled new, even more premium, versions of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that are inspired by monuments from centuries and even millennia ago. These models combine natural marble with the phone’s Mystic Bronze color to create luxury devices that look elegant and extremely premium with, of course, a sky-high price tag.


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There are four different models based on four different monuments. There is a white marble version based on the Parthenon, a Hagia Sophia version made out of black marble, a green marble variant from the Forbidden City, and finally, a red marble finish inspired by St Basil’s Cathedral.

As mentioned before, the marble on these models is natural and the rose gold part is double electroplated on top of a metal plate. Caviar will only produce 99 devices for each model. That being said, these are clearly targeted at customers looking for luxury on top of exclusive devices that are premium. That much should be clear with the $5000-$6000 price tag based on the model you opt for.

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