Viper TU10 MK Educational Tablet Unboxing & Drop Test [Video]

In its attempt to empower the education sector, a Pakistan-based hardware developer, Viper Technologies, has just launched its latest Viper TU10 MK Educational Tablet to create and enable a sufficient environment for young learners.

The tablet comes with a large display, a stylus, and a MediaTek processor. The tablet also bundles with several applications, including Kno Textbooks, and Intellisense’s Camera App that works with a snap-on magnification lens. This feature helps in converting the tab into a microscope and science app that recreates a science lab just by hooking it to a thermal probe and other sensors.

Here’s Propakistani’s first impressions and durability test of the Viper TU10 MK Educational Tablet.

The box comes with a tablet charger and a durable flip cover for the tablet that can also be used as a stand.

Design and Display

The tablet comes with a pre-applied, slightly rugged cover to keep it safe from bumps and falls. At the back, there is a large-sized single sensor camera setup.

It is built around a 10-inch LCD panel with considerably thick bezels, 720p resolution, a small punch hole, and a reasonable brightness that works well for educational purposes.

The stylus is connected to the tablet via a small string and sits in a small elastic hoop attached to the side of the tablet’s cover.

Camera and Performance

Performance-wise, the tablet comes with pretty basic specifications. It is powered by the 12 nm MediaTek Helio P35 chipset topped with 2GB RAM and 32 GB onboard storage. The processor works pretty well for all the designated tasks.

As far as the cameras are concerned, they are definitely not the focus. At the front, it features a 0.3 MP sensor, and at the back, it comes with a 2 MP sensor with a large surface area.


Propakistani conducted a drop and water durability test on the tablet. The tablet passed both tests with flying colors. The device handled all the drops pretty well. Moreover, the string with which the stylus is attached is quite strong and does not break easily. The device also successfully handled the water test. The touch worked adequately, even with water on it.

Pricing and Availability

The device costs PKR 33,000 and is currently available on

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