Zoom is Back After an Outage in US & Europe

The video-conferencing company Zoom Video Communications Inc. confirmed yesterday that it was facing an outage in the US and Europe. Outage tracking website showed nearly 17,000 incidents of people reporting issues with Zoom earlier in the day. The website indicates that the issues have hit the east coast in the US the worst. 70% of users reported problems logging in, 15% had issues with the Zoom website, and 13% were struggling with server connections.

Since the global pandemic started, the California-based company has experienced a surge in usage. Millions of people have turned to it for work meetings, school, social events, including weddings, and to stay connected with friends. The partial outage on Monday left many unable to log in to work meetings or attend school classes remotely.

Thankfully, the services were restored a few hours after the issue occurred. However, the company has not mentioned the cause of the outage.

In a statement on its website, the company said,

We have resolved the issue, causing users to be unable to start and join Zoom Meetings and Webinars. Users are now also able to sign up for paid accounts, upgrade, and manage their service on the Zoom website. We are currently monitoring to ensure that these services are operational.

During the pandemic, Zoom’s stock rose more than eight-fold since its initial public offering last year. However, it was down 2.9% after falling 5.4% earlier on Monday. According to the latest figures disclosed, Zoom has an average of 300 million daily meeting participants.


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