Dr Abdul Malik Becomes Pakistan’s First Certified Physician of Headaches

After completing his masters’ degree in “Headache Disorders” from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Dr. Abdul Malik has become the first certified Pakistani physician for brain disorders. Dr. Abdul Malik, a resident of Karachi, is the only Pakistani to have specialized in this degree. Previously, he was an associate professor of neurology.

Dr. Abdul Malik revealed that around 10% of Pakistan’s population has a migraine disorder. Migraine affects one half of your brain and can cause excruciating pain. He further stated that not all headaches can be classified as migraines, there are several other types of headaches that can affect a person.

Talking about the remedies for headaches, Dr. Malik advised against the use of self-medication and excessive use of painkillers. He said that using painkillers over a long period of time can cause serious implications to the kidneys and liver. He said that people in Pakistan usually see painkillers as the only form of remedy for pain.

He further added that headache has become a matter of routine for the people and they do not take it seriously. He advised to visit a doctor in case of frequent headaches.

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