Facebook Gets an Instagram-Like Shop Tab

Instagram introduced a shop products tab earlier this year, which lets users sell products directly via the social media platform.

Now, in its attempts to double down on its e-commerce business, Facebook has launched an Instagram like shop products tab inside Facebook as a test. Users will be able to shop within the social media application, chat with the seller via messenger and pay via a secure payment method, all without leaving Facebook.

Other than this, the company has also revamped the shops. All eligible sellers globally will now have access to new customization options, insights to measure results, and means of contacting customers. Sellers will be able to communicate with their customers through Messenger, Instagram Direct, and eventually WhatsApp as well. Shops will be able to host Live Shopping events during which they live stream and show off products that customers can buy directly through the stream on either Facebook or Instagram.

The key feature of this new update is Instagram Checkout, which allows brands to complete transactions through the app itself. All transaction fees for sellers and buyers will be waived through to the end of the year because of the pandemic.

Facebook shops are currently being tested in the US. However, it will be made available globally soon.

The fact that Facebook is working on its e-commerce business shows the company’s dedication to shopping as a business line. In 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he expected commerce and payments to be the future of the company, and he is making good on that promise.


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