Punjab Minister Clarifies Whether Teachers Will Need Coronavirus Tests

The Education Minister for Punjab, Murad Raas, has denied mandating COVID-19 tests for teachers ahead of the opening of the schools on September 15.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Raas said that coronavirus tests for teachers ahead of the reopening of schools is just a proposal from the provincial government. He said that any decision in this regard will be taken during the September 7 meeting with all stakeholders.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Covid 19 test for teachers before starting of School Session is just a PROPOSAL right now. It will be discussed in the meeting of all Education Ministers on September 7th and then the decision will be made. Don’t know why everyone is getting excited about a PROPOSAL.

Earlier, a faction of media had misquoted the minister, reporting that the teachers will be required to produce a negative coronavirus test before joining the schools.


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What Murad Raas had shared was the detail of his meeting with private school owners to finalize standard operating procedures (SOPs) ahead of the opening of schools.

During the meeting, the government had proposed several steps, such as mandating students to come to schools wearing face masks, not allowing all the students to attend classes at the same time, banning assembly sessions, and open recesses.

The August 25 meeting was arranged to take the school owners’ feedback on the provincial government’s suggestions. Sources say that some of the owners agreed with the government proposal, while others opposed it. A final decision is expected on Monday, September 7, when all provincial education ministers will meet under the chair of the federal minister Shafqat Mahmood.

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