PTA Says Cellular Services in Karachi are Down Due to Ashura, Not Rain!

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It has been reported in certain sections of media that mobile service is not currently available in some areas of Karachi due to incessant rains for last few days.

It is clarified that main reason for the unavailability of mobile services is the “closure of mobile services in connection with security of Muharram processions”.

PTA said that less than 13% of the mobile sites are affected due to rains.

Key reasons of disruption include non-availability of grid power for prolonged periods and inability of maintenance teams to reach at sites for refueling of generators due to accumulated rain water.

Mobile operators are continuously striving to maintain uninterrupted services, said PTA.

PTA has directed the operators to speed up the restoration process of sites affected by heavy rains.

It must be noted that decision for closure of Cellular services is taken by ministry of interior, and PTA simply implements the decision.

Not to be mentioned, a voice was raised to consider not shut down cellular services in Karachi, amid rains and flooding, however a decision is yet to be made in the regards.

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