Atlas Honda Set to Launch the 2021 CD-70 Bike


As reported by, Atlas Honda will soon announce its brand new 2021 Honda CD-70 in the market.

As can be seen in the image below, the bike will have some new graphic stickers on the body and a new speedometer internal design, which is where all the changes end.


In fact, this particular bike has remained about the same ever since it was first made in Japan in 1977. In 1991, the bike was discontinued in Japan, following which, its production was moved to Pakistan, where it is still produced on more or less the same formula, with only a few minor changes.

The main reason behind the bikes sales has remained the same for all these years, is the fact that it is incredibly simple, reliable and cheap to maintain. There’s an abundance of compliant parts and mechanics that are familiar with the bike all across Pakistan, which also makes this bike incredibly easy to maintain.

This bike is so successful, in fact, that a huge number of other local and Chinese automakers have copied the exact same formula of this bike, with a few minor changes, and have been building the exact same bike under different badges for the past decade and a half. Still, the bike demand among the buyers continues to soar higher than ever with each passing year.

However, Honda Atlas has been on a roll lately in terms of frequently revising the prices of their bikes. The current retail price of the CD-70 is Rs. 77,900, and it is highly likely that the company will bump up its price quite significantly after giving it some new graphic stickers.

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